What Is Cydia and How Does It Work

If you own any of the apple products like the iPhone, iPod touch or even the iPad, chances are that you have already heard about Cydia. This is an alternative to the familiar iTunes store that most Apple users are in the habit of using, however it is not possible to access this store unless you own a device that has been jailbroken. Many of the same apps you see in the iTunes store are available in Cydia and there are some that are not!

What is Cydia and how does it work

One of the advantages of using Cydia is the fact that they offer apps that iTunes would not touch, most have been tweaked to perform differently. While some of the apps are free, (like iTunes) you also have the ability to access apps that are available for a small fee. Because there is no connection between Cydia and iTunes, you cannot use your iTunes account to pay for apps that you purchase at Cydia. Sites like http://cydiaapps.io/ can help you sort out your Cydia purchases.

Produced by Jay Freeman, Cydia looks similar to the iPhone interface, with a few notable exceptions. As you start the app you should find yourself on the home page. You have 4 other options to choose from, the sections which offer easier location of apps specific to your search. There is also a tab entitled changes, (similar to updates on the iPhone) which will give you the opportunity to upgrade or update an app that you already have on your device. There are 2 other tabs, one entitled “manage” which allows you to remove already installed apps and another entitled “search”, which allows you to browse for anything else you might be hunting for.

There are a few steps that need to be taken if you want to include Cydia on your device and they are as follows.

1)-In the majority of cases, once you jailbreak your device, Cydia will be automatically installed on it
2)-You must have a working connection to the Internet, preferably a wireless connection and not a data package as it will be faster
3)-When you open the Cydia icon, it should begin to populate the available apps
4)-Cydia must be able to recognize you as the user, you will probably need to set this up
5)-Once this is done, you will need to restart your device and you should be ready to begin using Cydia as a source for apps

Do not forget that Cydia will charge you a fee for some apps.

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Norton Coupon Code and Promo Codes 2012

As we grow more and more dependent on the computer every day, the constantly evolving threat of the computer virus has become of increasing concern to the average consumer. Thankfully, the need of many computer owners for protection against these hazards has provided business for many software companies. However, the result of such a competitive market has made it difficult for many of these companies to stand out. Despite this, Symantec has consistently risen to the top as a result of determination to provide their customers with the best protection.

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Symantec produces Norton Antivirus, a comprehensive suite that offers users security on all fronts. One of the unique things about Symantec is that they aren’t committed solely to their Windows based consumers. They offer security suites for their Mac users as well, which maintains the same level of quality protection as its Windows counterpart. Furthermore, their commitment to their consumers doesn’t stop the second you purchase their product. Not only does Symantec offer exceptional customer support, they also maintain your virus protection so that it is up to date against new threats. This is an important feature and also a necessity considering the current nature of the web.

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Do you ever need help organizing your thoughts during a brainstorming session? If you’ve ever tried to come up with a new idea or concept, and you have trouble keeping track of the different options that you come up with, Mindjet may be an option for you to consider. What exactly is Mindjet and how can it help you?

Instead of having to map out your thoughts with a pen and piece of paper, you can organize everything electronically. With Mindjet, you can use mind mapping technology to keep track of all of the different ideas that you have during a productive brainstorming session. This particular piece of software can be used by individuals and by businesses alike.

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In addition to providing access to mind mapping technology, it also gives you the ability to manage projects with multiple people. If you need to work on specific projects with other people, you’ll be able to collaborate with them in real time with this technology.

If the Mindjet program sounds interesting to you, you may want to use a promo code to help save some money on the purchase of a subscription. With a Mindjet promo code, you’ll be able to get a discount off of the total purchase price of a subscription. For example, one promo code that is commonly available is 15 percent off of the total price.

When you buy the Mindjet program, you will see a text box where you can enter a promo code while you are checking out. Simply enter the promo code that you choose, and then the discount will be applied. You should be able to see the discount amount, and the total that you will pay before checking out. At that point, you can start enjoying one of the finest mind mapping software programs out there.

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Check out Verizon FiOS for Internet, TV, and Digital Voice services. We have promo codes to get you the best prices around.

FiOS is the newest service offered by Verizon, one of the nation’s leading wireless networks. FiOS service runs off of a 100 percent fiber optic network that is designed to give you enhanced speed and clarity for your home Internet, TV and phone.

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Verizon High Speed Triple Play for $64.99/month (ends 7/18) (2-year DIRECTV agreement required). Includes Verizon Internet + DIRECTV + Verizon Phone service with unlimited local and regional calling, wireless router at no additional cost ($34.99 value), HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME & Cinemax for FREE for the first 3 months ($135 value), over 210 channels, 170 available in HD, and $5 per month discount.

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Verizon Business Bundle starting for $84.99 (ends 9/15). The Business Bundle includes High Speed or FiOS Internet + Business Phone, 2nd basic phone line, wireless router at no additional cost, and no activation fee.

Verizon is the only major network that offers FiOS Internet using only fiber optics. This gives you the ability to upload and download faster, power multiple devices, and enjoy lag-free gaming. They also provide a wireless router for no extra cost, along with a free Verizon email address, free Web space, 24 hour customer support, and more. Verizon FiOS Internet has also won PC Mag Readers’ Choice Award six years in a row!

FiOS TV offers over 540 digital channels, 130 HD channels, and 46 commercial-free music channels. They also have over 35,000 On Demand titles to choose from. You can choose the package that suits your needs. The Multi-Room DVR gives you the option to finish up a show in a different room. Another great feature is the ability to use your compatible smartphone to set parental controls and schedule recordings of your favorite shows.

FiOS Digital Voice has more than 20 advanced features to give you privacy and control over the way you make and receive calls. Along with standard features such as caller ID and call-blocking, you get your voicemail via email, call-forwarding, calandar syncing, three different phone numbers with distinctive rings, and more. FiOS Digital Voice gives you high quality sound and reliability.

Check back daily for promo codes for Verizon FiOS and get your Internet, TV, and digital landline service from one of the nation’s leading networks.